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Less Is More…

January 4, 2020
sabino creek, rocks

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them…Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
– Lao Tzu

I’ve decided to change two of the words from my last post about my year end ritual. Instead of embracing ACTION I choose to embrace FLOW. Action felt like my old way, like I’d have to strive to make things happen – maybe even push the river. Flow feels like I can allow things to happen while trusting divine right action. Instead of giving up PLAYING SAFE – which in all honesty is something I don’t do, I choose to give up JUDGEMENT (of others, myself, and the world). In 2017 I chose to give up complaining and that changed my life in amazing ways. I hope giving up judgement will have similar results.

Around this time of year a decade ago I was getting back from a two month solo trip to Japan and China. I hadn’t been on an extended solo trip in a long time and I’d wanted to take Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice to do something every day that scares you. When I told my family and friends about my travel plans I received many different reactions:
You need to be careful, they are not like us over there.
You’re going to Asia alone? All alone? Good for you.
I could never do that. I have too much fear.
You’re awesome.

I needed that kind of challenge back then, but in the last few years things have shifted within me. Not a seismic earthquake kind of shift, but rather a slow realignment of the tectonic plate of my soul. My journey has turned more inward than outward. To start this new decade the scariest thing I can think of doing is staying put for now. I love nesting in my new home this winter, gathering my strength, being quiet in nature. I’m happy working on my children’s books, looking for an agent for my memoir, studying Spanish, meditating, cooking healthy meals and taking long frolicsome walks on Mother Earth. Less is definitely more.

2020 is all about having a clear vision of what brings me the most joy – not what I should be doing, or even what I thought I would be doing. But rather going with the flow and allowing my one wild and precious life to unfold one day at a time.

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