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A Sweet Balm…

November 9, 2020
Saguaro cactus, Arizona

“Eblis said, “No man who thinks ill, will hear the truth despite a hundred signs.
When one who fantasises is presented with reason his fantasies increase.
When one talks to such a person, their words become the very cause of that person’s fantasy.
The crusader’s sword is a tool for a thief.
So the response to him is silence and peace; to talk with an idiot is insanity.
— Rumi

As I wake to the first cold morning
I long to turn this Monday
into another Sunday
a stay in bed kind of day

a day where poetry will be listened to as
new verses of my life are written
pancakes will be served as
words pour out along with maple syrup
naps will be taken as
dreams swirl in undiscovered galaxies

a sweet balm in my mouth
the taste of decency and hope
what is
can be

such universal truth flows
from my weary fingertips
onto the edges of the earth
to be scattered among the stars

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