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To Release…

August 29, 2018

“When fishermen can’t go to sea they mend their nets.”

As of today I’ve been living in Portugal for one year. During this time, in what I called my sabbatical year, I took a break from life to mend the nets inside of me which had become snagged and worn thin.

The word sabbatical originally came from biblical times when every seventh year under the Mosaic law the land was allowed to rest. A sabbatical year also canceled all debts, which made all people equal again. This year off, known as Shemittah, literally meant, “to release.” The residents of the land of Israel stopped cultivating their fields and gave up ownership of their land which became communal property for the sabbatical year. The time off farming allowed the farmers to focus more on their spiritual lives. Now the term, a sabbatical year, is mostly used when a teacher is given a paid year off to study or travel.

During my self-appointed sabbatical year I didn’t travel far from my new home. I didn’t study Portuguese. I didn’t meet many new people. Instead, I stayed close to the home within. I studied the language of love and forgiveness. And I planted the seeds of happiness in order to release the past and grow a new me.

My sabbatical year hasn’t really ended today. Instead, I feel like I found a new way of living. My current motto is: I do without doing and everything gets done – meaning my old way of pushing through, of being proud of my due diligence, of ignoring my stressed body and heavy spirit are over with.

I want to live my life as though I’m always on sabbatical. I want to be paid for doing work I love, I want to travel and study, and I want to take the time to release and mend my life whenever I want to.

Now, I’m ready to fish again, with mended nets and a boat in good repair. I move forward with the wind at my back, knowing I don’t have to wait seven more years to rest.

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