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Stick With Love…

August 28, 2018
Porto, Portugal

“Stick with love. Cherish yourself, and surround yourself with those who see in you the incomparable light of your being. See who brings out kinder, gentler, more beautiful qualities in you. Let them be the people in your boat.”
– Omid Safi

There’s an affirmation I’ve been saying daily for over thirty years: “I surround myself with people who allow me to be all I can be.”

Omid Safi’s quote is similar. I like his thought that the people we allow in our boat can bring out the best in us. We all know people who rock our boat, try to tip us over, navigate us in the wrong direction – heading up stream against the current. The trick is knowing when to dock our boat to unload those types of passengers. I haven’t always been good at this in the past. I believed once someone was in that boat with me we were shipmates for life – especially family members.

After all these years of telling myself to surround myself with people who allow me to be all I can be, I finally put my boat into dry dock and created a new passenger list. My boat will be lighter, less tippy, and for sure it will be heading in the right direction – floating down stream with the current, towards the incomparable light of my being.

Have you checked your passenger list lately?

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