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She’s Done…

September 18, 2018

“Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.”
– Pema Chodron

She’s done with seeking approval and people pleasing. Instead she lives life her way, with no excuses or apologies.
She’s done with attending events that are more pomp then heart. Instead she attends to deep connections.
She’s done with blaming anything outside herself for her mood. Instead she takes responsibility for her thoughts, decisions and actions.
She’s done with trying to save everyone. Instead she puts the oxygen mask on herself first and breathes deeply.
She’s done with caring what others think of her. Instead she knows what others think of her is none of her business.
She’s done with the need to be right. Instead she chooses to be happy.
She’s done with following the rules, following instructions, following others. Instead she lets her wild child run free.
She’s done with regrets, defending, and figuring it all out. Instead she trusts things are unfolding perfectly.
She’s done with smalltalk. Instead she asks how is your heart doing in this moment?
She’s done with focusing on what she doesn’t want. Instead she puts all her energy into moving towards what she does want.
She’s done with holding onto relationships forever. Instead she releases them and is released from them with love.
She’s done with pushing the river. Instead she receives support from others with ease, joy and love.
She’s done with looking outside herself for happiness. Instead she focuses inside where all the joy she needs resides.
She’s done with staying safe and playing small. Instead she gets bigger, louder, stronger, braver, and more radiant.
She’s done with saying yes when she means no. Instead she listens to her heart of hearts.
She’s done with paying attention to what she does. Instead she pays attention to how she feels.
She’s done with politics, judgement and religion. Instead she embraces humanity, compassion and kindness.
She’s done with thinking she knows what’s best for anyone else. Instead, she listens, shows up, and holds space for others for them to find out for themselves.

What are you done with?

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