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Unseen Eyes Watched…

June 20, 2020
Buddha statue

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
– A Course In Miracles


Three months sheltering in place
she couldn’t focus
sleepless nights
restless days
like a perpetual state of jet lag
She dove into her inner work
but she didn’t realize how deeply she dove
until she tried to resurface
on a dark night of the soul
shaking crying heat fire
A hummingbird wraps its nests with spider webs
so it can expand as the chicks grow
She had grown and expanded
out of her nest in the desert
Parched for moisture
it was time to head north
driving four days through
Arizona Utah Idaho Washington
in a time of pandemic and civil unrest
People averted their gaze
as if meeting eyes might contaminate
Going through Navajo land
hit hard by the virus signs said
Stay Home Protect Our People
There was a sense of unease
about what and who to trust
wear a mask
Or not
keep social distancing
Or not
danger lurked on every surface
in every particle of air
in every tender heart
Or not
8 minutes and 46 seconds
So much suffering
So much uncertainty
So much fear
Like being a companion to Odysseus
on his long odyssey
after the fall of Troy
driven off course
by storms
there was
no way
At the end of her journey
as she slept in the cool moist air and dreamed
as she got on her knees to pull weeds and prayed
as she meditated and shed a million tears
Unseen eyes watched over her
until she remembered love is greater than hate
until she saw the world through healed eyes
until one hundred eagles sang her back home

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