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Create Your Own Happiness…

July 29, 2019

The expectations we set for ourselves, and our loved ones, have become unrealistic. And while goals and dreams are important for every individual to have and aspire to, it’s dangerous to tie our happiness to the blueprint we have created for our lives. The fact of the matter is you have to create your own happiness. You can’t fit your joy into a cookie cutter mold. There’s no magic button or map to follow that will lead you to a joyful life – you have to design it for yourself.”
– Tony Robbins

Here’s a prompt and my response from my essay writing class with Sinéad Gleeson at the West Cork Literary Festival in Ireland: Write about the start of something:

I feel like I’ve started to redesign the blueprint of my life. The first step was to rip up my bucket list, a list that had me walking a 1/2 marathon a few years ago. I had trained to run the 1/2 marathon many years earlier but for various reasons I missed the race. Since I no longer ran I decided to walk the race. It wasn’t a walking race and I was miserable at the back (for many hours) with a few other stragglers. When the race course went past my apartment, only a mile from the finish line, I said, enough. I took my blistered feet inside happier with my decision to take care of myself than I would’ve been finishing the race. I learned about the concept of changing the story of your life by changing your blueprint from life coach Tony Robbins on a Youtube video called, Create a New Story. That is exactly what I’m in the process of doing.

“Regaining control of your own happiness can often be the product of letting go and moving on,” Tony said. “It may seem contradictory that letting go of the past and what we believe should happen can lead to more happiness, but it’s true. Letting go is a positive and cathartic experience that is incredibly freeing. And, contrary to what many may think, letting go doesn’t mean you stop caring – it simply means that you are allowing space for all the joy that is meant to come your way. Knowing that you can create your happiness by letting go of what you believe you need to be happy is the ultimate freedom and the only path to true joy.”

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