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Teach Only Love…

August 8, 2019
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“Teach only love, for that is what you are.”
– A Course In Miracles

On the website the Global Peace Rankings of all the countries in the world shows the following for 2019:

Most peaceful:
1- Iceland
2 – New Zealand
3 – Portugal
4 – Austria
5 – Denmark
6 – Canada
7 – Singapore
8 – Slovenia
9 – Japan
10 – Czech Republic

Least peaceful:
158 – Somalia
159 – Iraq
160 – Yemen
161 – South Sudan
162 – Syria
163 – Afghanistan

Sadly the U.S. is even further down the list from last year #128.

It’s a complicated world. All we have control over is simplifying our inner world by focusing on peace, forgiveness and love – instead of fear, hate and revenge. Inner peace is our greatest responsibility.

Here are a few things we can do to bring more peace into our lives – which in turn will change the whole world.

– Give up the need to be right, and instead choose to be happy.
– Give up complaining. If we think negative thoughts about the negativity in the world we’re increasing the very thing we don’t want.
– Focus on how we want to feel and what we want our world to look like – instead of focusing on what we don’t want.
– Turn off the news, turn off negative TV, refuse to watch movies with violence in them, don’t play violent video games.
– Peace and love are stronger than hate and fear- focus on what we love, not on what we fear.
– Spread love, kindness, and peace with everyone we meet. As we see and treat others we see and treat ourselves.
– Practice forgiveness. Start with yourself. Forgiveness requires compassion- we’re all in this together.
– Be a love seeker, not a fault finder.
– Heal the conflict within ourselves.
– Be kind to yourself and others. This is the best place to start. ❤

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