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Being human…

January 2, 2018
Ocean landscape, Porto, Portugal

“Being human is a complicated gig. So give that ol’ dark night of the soul a hug. Howl the eternal yes! – Friedrich Nietzsche

In 1986 I took a solo trip through Europe in search of for my place in the world. The movie A Room With A View had recently come out and I went to see it in Gubbio, Italy. The character I identified with most was free-spirited George Emerson, not the repressed Lucy Honeychurch.

George shouted, “Beauty! Joy!” from treetops. He read Nietzsche and embraced the Eternal Yes!. He joyously jumped naked into ponds. He walked with contentment in the rain. He seemed so comfortable in his body, in his spirit, in his search for the truth. All the things I wasn’t.

I wanted to live inside the comfort and strength of George’s body and spirit. I wanted to believe with all my heart the Eternal Yes! was possible.

And now, thirty-two years later, after traveling many roads, I’ve found my place in the world. And I know with all my heart embracing the Eternal Yes! is not only possible, but essential to finding the home within ourselves.

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