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Be Wild…

March 8, 2020
woman, trees

“If you have yet to be called an incorrigible, defiant woman, don’t worry, there is still time.”
Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With The Wolves
The Wild Women’s Manifesto

Here’s to the magnificent Wild Women who favor wisdom over youth, who howl at the moon, who reach for the stars, who surround themselves with people who allow them to be all they can be, who take off their masks, put down their swords, and drop their defenses, who are as happy about someone else’s success as they are of their own, who are rich in spirit, generosity, and kindness, who have gone on a complaint diet, who know how to nourish their bodies, minds and spirits.

Here’s to the audacious Wild Women who rise up again no matter how many times they have tripped, or been pushed down and have learned how to put themselves back together stronger than before, who trust their Wild Hearts and think for themselves, who know how to set healthy boundaries, who are kind to themselves and do whatever is necessary to make their lives the best they can be, who let go of toxic relationships, let go of the status quo, let go of what isn’t working.

Here’s to the righteous, rebellious, rule-bending, Wild Women who claim their bodies as their own, who can’t be contained within any box, who play within the lusciousness of a life filled with possibilities, who love deeply and play often, who listen to the message of their Wild Soul Songs, who get messy and loud and silly and say yes yes yes, who throw caution to the wind, dare to jump, and find their wings on the way down.

Here’s to the unstoppable Wild Women who are shape-shifters, magicians, and explorers, who are willing to share their vulnerabilities, who aren’t afraid to live life out loud, who sing as if no one’s listening, who know they are worthy of love, power and success, who give themselves the gift of time, who understand no is a complete sentence, who have healed themselves of the disease to please, who look at themselves in the mirror and say: Wild Thing, I think I love you.

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