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More Sweetness…

January 29, 2018

“I still get wildly enthusiastic about little things. I play with leaves. I skip down the street and run against the wind.”
– Leo Buscaglia

When I was little
maybe seven years old
I ran away from home.
I made it to the end of the block where the fragrant honeysuckles stopped me.
I hid behind them and pulled off one flower after another.
When the first drop of nectar hit my tongue the real journey began.
I wanted more
in my mouth
in my house
in my life.

I stayed there
licking at the world
until my mother called
her young ones
back for dinner.
Free to wander
no one had noticed
I was gone.
I sat at the table my mouth full
of dried meatloaf.
There was no sweetness
in the conversation
or on the news
or in the world.

It would be
a long time
I ran away
from home again.
A long time
the honeysuckles
sheltered me.
A long time
I found the
I was

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