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I’m Going To Be Happy…

September 10, 2020
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“I’m going to be happy. I’m going to skip. I’m going to be glad. I’m going to smile a lot. I’m going to be easy. I’m going to count my blessings. I’m going to look for reasons to feel good. I’m going to dig up positive things from the past. I’m going to look for positive things where I stand. I’m going to look for positive things in the future. It is my natural state to be a happy person. It’s natural for me to love and to laugh.”
– Abraham Hicks

This week I’m celebrating my birthday by being in nature as much as possible. As each day passes we all grow older, but that doesn’t mean we have to give in to aging. The difference between growing older and aging is not believing the ageism messages of who we should be, how we should act, what we should, or shouldn’t do, when we reach a certain age.

Longevity runs in my maternal side, with generations of women living well into the 80’s and 90’s. But good genes aren’t enough. I take full responsibility for living freely and agelessly with grace and joy by keeping a positive attitude through the power of my thoughts.

When I was young I didn’t trust happiness. I used to feel guilty if I was happy and my friends or family members weren’t happy, or if the state of the world was in turmoil, like it is now. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve let myself surrender to happiness as my normal state of being.

I still feel like a wild child who wants to reenact the happy birthdays of my youth:
I want to wake at 3:00 AM and stand on my deck in awe of the stars.
I want to play tag, hide-and-seek, and kickball until it’s too dark to see.
I want to tell everyone it’s my birthday so they sing happy birthday to me.
I want to read comics, watch cartoons, and do a goofy dance.
I want to have a bowling party, or a sleepover and stay up late, very late.
I want to walk barefoot on the beach, climb a tree, and pick pears.
I want to go to sleep in my wrinkled birthday suit dizzy with happiness and gratitude knowing I will always be wild and silly and ageless.

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