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Hints To Lady Travelers…

July 6, 2018

“On a long journey even a straw weighs heavy.”
-Spanish Proverb

In 1889 the first British travel guide book, “Hints to Lady Travelers at Home and Abroad,” was written for women by a woman, Lillias Campbell Davidson. .
Here’s a glimpse of the packing list from a review written about the book:

“The “Hints” inform us that the lady who wishes to be well equipped for a journey, must carry with her a bath and bath towels, a bottle of kid-reviver, a dressing-bag, a spirit-lamp for boiling water, with a sufficient quantity of methylated spirits, a flask, and a small filter. To these comforts the lady-traveller must add provisions, including extract of meat, one’s own tea and coffee; waistbelts for money, a holdall for rugs and umbrellas, A hot-water bag, a lamp for reading at night, some light literature; a small medicine-chest, which, among other articles, should contain pills and ointment, and a roll of fine old linen. Matches and a candle, too, should always be carried; a door-wedge is a great convenience; a tin of insect-powder should never be omitted; with a railway-key one is quite independent; and a compass is a most useful accompaniment to the traveller who has to be her own guide.

It is necessary also to carry an eyestone, the use of which is a common custom in America If there is dust in the eye, this tiny stone, or rather fishbone, is inserted within the lower eyelid. Almost immediately it begins to work its way slowly round the eyeball, and never stops till it has made the complete circuit of the eye, when it drops out, bringing with it whatever object of an alien nature it has encountered on its journey…Full particulars, too, are given with regard to clothing; each dress must have a tray to itself, for gowns are the terrible part of packing, and, finally, it is as well, for every reason, to travel with as little luggage as circumstances admit.”

…I especially love that last line! On my next trip I’ll leave behind the eyestone, bath, rug, a dress or two and the kid-reviver!

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