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The World Opens Its Arms…

October 19, 2018

“I give you this to take with you:
Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can
begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.”
– Judith Minty, Letters to My Daughters

I love this land of secluded beaches and star filled nights that remind me how small I am.
A land of lushness and moistness where the trees grow tall and the roots go deep.
A land of pure silence where solitude is easy to find.
A land along the Canadian border that is neither here, nor there.

This is a place that contains dear friends and a beloved cat.
A place that time forgot.
A place that is filled with buckets of memories.
A place that no longer feels like home.

Sometimes it’s time to leave a place and sometimes they leave us.
A time when the parting is mutual and amicable.
A time when the desire to go outweighs the wish to stay.
A time when internal borders shift.

And there are new memories to create.
And there are new friends to make.
And there is a lushness in the heart that reminds us how big we are.
And the world opens its arms to us.

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