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Comfort Food…

May 5, 2017
Porto, Portugal

“I ordered a coffee and a little something to eat and savored the warmth and dryness. Somewhere in the background Nat King Cole sang a perky tune. I watched the rain beat down on the road outside and told myself that one day this would be twenty years ago.”
– Bill Bryson

On a stormy Sunday night in Porto, Portugal we ventured out to find a place to eat. A few blocks from our apartment we went into the Bop Café not knowing it served American cuisine. The wall was lined with vinyl Lp’s. The music of the Beatles and then Pink Floyd filled the small room with a late 60’s, early 70’s vibe. I was so happy with my big bowl of red cabbage and cauliflower soup, a veggie burger wrapped in lettuce and a slice of apple pie for dessert.

Most of the young people at the other tables had carb filled plates of pancakes, French toast, bagels, fries and burgers. Check out Bop Café when you’re in Porto and need a hit of comfort food.

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