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Sunday Is The Golden Clasp…

January 15, 2018

“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.”
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I try to avoid making social commitments on Sundays. I wouldn’t be the same person without my Soul Searching Sundays, a day to unplug from the world and all electronics and plug back into myself. A day when I feel like my life is filled with possibility. A day that brings me back to balance.

Sunday is a reboot day when I have nothing I need to do, no one I must see, no where I have to go. There’s only a pile of books to read, a big pot of soup to make, a blanket to make into a cocoon, long naps to take, music to enjoy, meditations to slip into, and a river and ocean to walk along.

I often say I’d love a life of Sundays. A magic filled life where I do without doing and everything gets done. It works one day a week.

Maybe I’ll start a new tradition this year – Mellow Mondays. A soft, sweet, slow-cooking start to the work week – no matter how long the to do list. Let the tradition begin today.

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